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 Control Panel to play VALORANT on arcadreamarcade machine

Valorant Tutorial by arcadream ®

 VALORANT Arcade Machine by arcadream
The picture above explains how to play Valorant using arcadream "next gen" arcade machine.

About the game :

In this First Person Shooter game,there are two ways to play the game. Using the trackball and the left click select "Standard (recommended) Mode " or the "Spike Rush" mode.

Standard mode is the mode by default. A game lasts about half an hour. Within that timeframe you will be succesively attacking or defending. The first team to win 13 times is the winner.

The Spike Rush mode is quite similar to the default mode but the time of the game is much shorter (about 10 minutes). To win the game, your team must be the first one to win 4 games (it doesn't have to be four games in a row).

Launching the game :

Once you have joined a game you can choose your character. Each character in the game has got his own specific weapons.

How to win :

Use the joystick while pushing continuously the FORWARD button ( AVANCER on the french file above). Collect "Orbs" to boost your strength.

To win the game, the attacking team will need to eliminate all the defenders or plant the Spike before the countdown expires. If not, the defending team wins.

Check the video we've made for this game on our french website : Valorant

All tutorials for our games are here (use Google translate to get the english version) : All Video Games Tutorials - in english soon

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