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Retro Arcade Terminal with Recent Games

Pick the latest online games, give it a retro design and we will make it for you.

Are you looking for a retro arcade machine, original and at the same time modern in terms of technical data sheet so that you can play the most recent online games? Our online builder displays a selection of personalized kiosks to choose from. Read more below. Oh and by the way, we deliver worldwide using Fedex and we speak english.

Click on the big orange link at the top of this page to start customizing your arcade machine. We offer a choice of the most popular themes such as Grendizer, Star Wars Squadrons or Valorant but you can also send us your ideas for us to implement.

The arcadream ® terminals are out of the ordinary. Their ultra slim design sets them apart from any other brand of arcade machine. This facilitates their integration into your living room, bedroom, or any other part of your home.

Another feature that makes the originality of arcadream ® terminalsit is the combination of retro design elements such as its stained side panels that reveal the grain of the wood and its high-tech elements such as the chrome speakers, the 24-inch curved screen or the video chat tablet integrated into the above the main screen. In short, the Arcadream terminal combines modernity and retro style, the best of both worlds.

Make your terminal unique! If you are a fan of Grendizer , Ulysses 31 or Captain Flam , tell us about your project because we also love these cartoons from the 80s.

We have set up an arcade cabinet configurator on this site, which will allow you to customize the look of your cabinet in just a few clicks. You can also send us your personal files or explain to us who is your favorite star in the order summary form.



25. Star Wars Squadrons

26. Mordhau

27. Cyberpunk 2077

..... View full list on our french website

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Playing online games on our arcade machines is easy with a bit of help. Keep this Tutorial on the secondary screen of your arcadream machine to stay in control.
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