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Rent a Multi-Game Arcade Machine

Retro arcade machines are making a comeback. Given the cost of purchasing an arcade game machine and the cost of maintenance, renting an multi-game arcade machine equipped with several games is often the ideal solution. There are several sizes: The smallest (bartops) are placed on a bar and are easily transportable.

The rental price for a wedding is around 200 euros which is not expensive compared to the average purchase price (between 1500 and 2500 euros). It will also be necessary to pay a deposit and participate in the delivery costs if a great distance separates the place of celebration from the supplier's warehouse.

Benefits of renting an arcade machine:

The rental of an arcade machine offers many advantages, first of all in terms of price of course, especially if the rental is planned for a short period as in the case of a one-off event: Party, birthday, marriage, works council event ...

Indeed, this makes it possible to offer an activity to video game enthusiasts. The practice of video games is the preferred form of entertainment people from all backgrounds and ages.

In addition, the rental of an arcade machine has the advantage of including equipment maintenance or delivery.

Long term rentals rate:

If you own a bar, a restaurant or run a business with a waiting room (medical practice, architectural practice, veterinarian or advertising agency for example), the long-term rental of an arcade game machine is a great idea.

Decorating your reception area with an arcade machine allows you to add activity, make customers wait and give a sophisticated and retro decorative style to your interior.

The price of long-term rental depends on several factors, including income from its users or simply the availability schedule. This is why it is often necessary to request a quote specifying the location of the installation and the type of customers.

Price - Cost

The use of the arcade machine can be free to play. In that case, the machine is not equipped with a coin mechanism or when it is deactivated. In this case, the rental is subject to a fixed monthly rent.

The use of the machine may be charged, this is often the case in cafes or restaurants. The rental price paid by the manager of the establishment is in this case lower because the difference is compensated by the income generated by the machine.

In the case of a very busy business generating a high income, the rental of an arcade machine is simply free. It is simply made available free of charge by the manufacturer who only derives the benefits from its use by the players.

Arcade Machine settings

The settings of the gaming station are important and should depend on the location of its installation. A video game arcade machine is all about sound, light and interaction.

The sound emitted by the games can be increased to add excitement to a suitable place (bar, disco). It can also be reduced if necessary, as in the waiting room of a dentist for example.

Rent multi-game arcade machines:

If you own a café, a convenience shop or a very frequented place, adding several vintage arcade machines is a brilliant idea.

If they are correctly configured by your rental company, players using different screens will be able to play on the same games. With this network game function, the atmosphere is guaranteed!

It will definitely improve your customer loyalty and help increase sales as customers will stay longer and come back more often.

In all cases, opt for the rental of a multi-game arcade machine equipped with strategy, action and simulation games in order to please the greatest number.

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