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Modern Arcade Cabinet with a Vintage Design

Modern inside, Vintage outside if you customize it that way.

Are you looking for a modern arcade machine with a vintage look? Our terminals are customizable from the backlit marquee to the color of the side panels, including the game buttons and the kickplate. We manufacture customized terminals bearing the image of Captain Flam, Grendizer or Marvel Avengers. Oh and by the way, we deliver worldwide using Fedex and we speak english.

Your arcadream ® kiosk can be personalized as much as you want. If for you, a vintage look goes through a decoration in the colors of Mario Bros, Pacman, Space Invaders or Sonic then you must let us know via the form of the terminal customization configurator.

You can send us your files. These will be used by our graphic designers to print the vinyl which will be placed on your terminal.

Nostalgic but up to date? Aretro look with a modern central unit , it is possible. There are two PC versions available to equip your vintage arcade machine: The EASY version with Intel 5, 8GB of RAM and the PRO Edition with Intel 9, 32 GB of RAM and its Nvidia GPU.

These two PC versions have a storage capacity of 1.5 TB or 1500 GB which is huge but we can go even further and add 1 TB more on request. Your arcadream ® PC arcade machine is therefore tailor-made, both in terms of its exterior appearance and its components.

Our configurator allows you to decide on the main lines and send us your request. If you want an off-list design, like Captain Flam orUlysses 31 for example, check the corresponding box (special order box in the configurator) and indicate in the order form request "Terminal of Goldorak Arcade" or "Terminal of Arcade Street Fighter".

If you want your terminal's PC to be customized with a larger hard drive than the storage in our ad, you just have to mention it in the summary form. We will go over all of this with you as soon as we receive your request.



15. Brawlhalla

16. Overcooked! 2

17. Paladins

18. Rocket League

19. Valorant

20. APEX Legends


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Playing online games on our arcade machines is easy with a bit of help. Keep this Tutorial on the secondary screen of your arcadream machine to stay in control.
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