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Dec 11th 2020 - Two Players Extra Large Arcade Machine - Blog arcadream ®

PLAY SOLO OR UP TO 4 PLAYERS ON arcadream XL arcade machine equipped with a 32 INCHES SCREEN !!

Arcadream ® Blog - December 11th, 2020: We are very excited to let you know that the production of our first extra large arcade machines has begun.

The XL arcade machine has a 32 inches wide 16:9 screen. It makes it the machine the biggest screen on the arcade machine market - on par with the Neo Legend Vizion arcade machine (3,650 euros at our colleague's shop in Paris see for more information).

This terminal is equipped with two joysticks plus two USB sockets on the front (to connect the controllers supplied with the terminal) allowing you to play in split screen for up to four players.

The 2 player arcade machine completes the arcadream ® range of terminals which now consists of five different models that you will find on the terminal configurator.
For more info, click on the big orange link at the top of the page.

The terminal is completely customizable and the first model will be in the colors of Cyberpunk 2077, the new futuristic RPG game in the first person.

The control panel is chrome, equipped with a mouse and the usual ESCAPE and KEYPAD buttons (which shows a clickable keyboard on the screen). See the diagram at the bottom of the page.

The terminal ensures maximum playability for local multiplayer games and for single player combat games (GTA, CS: GO, VALORANT, Fortnite ..) requiring joystick plus mouse.

The dimensions of the kiosk are approximately 175 x 80 x 45cm (Height Width Depth). Below, here is a preview of the look of the control panel for two players.

 Control Panel of the brand new Two Players Extra Large Arcade Machine

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