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Street-Fighter Arcade Cabinet

Street-Fighter Customized Arcade Machine

Arcadream ® Blog - December 14th, 2020: Are you looking for a personalized arcade machine in the colors of the famous Street-Fighter game?

Here is a customization suggestion based on version # 5 of the popular one-on-one fighting game developed by Capcom.

Since its arcade release in the late 1980s, Street Fighter has been the most popular theme in arcade game decor.
The latest version is Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition, it is available on arcadream ® terminals at a price of 35 euros only in plug and play in your game library with a personalized configuration of game buttons.

The previous version, simply Street Fighter 5, released in 2016, costs 25 euros including configuration.

In terms of design, your street fighter arcade machine is completely customizable from the base of the terminal to the vinyl diffusing in the backlit part of the terminal (upper part named Marquee).

An arcadream ® terminal in the colors of Street Fighter is an excellent choice, because it is a combination of retro and contemporary elements.

If you are nostalgic for the 80s, you will certainly like our other creations such as the Goldorak terminal or the vintage arcade terminal bearing the image of Captain Flam.

If for example you are a fan of Akira, One Piece, Naruto or another manga, tell us about your passion. We will make sure that your kiosk looks like you and that it is unique, like you.

Try our arcade cabinet configurator, it will allow you to customize the look of your cabinet in just a few clicks. You can also send us your personal files or mention them in the order summary form.


Fans of retro arcade machines like to customize their terminals with stickers of Sonic or Super Mario (depends what side you're on).
Customization of arcadream slim ® machine on the theme of Street-Fighter: STREET-FIGHTER ARCADE MACHINE


To customize you arcade machineonline, go to the top of this page and click on the big orange link.
This will take you to our online customizer. There, you can choose between different PC versions, pick up the theme of your arcade machine and fill up your library with vintage games or the latest online games.

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Street Fighter Arcade Cabinet
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