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Vintage Arcade Cab or Classic Arcade Machine - What Difference?


Arcadream ® Blog - December 12th, 2020: The term "Vintage" refers to products from a specific period ranging from the 1950s to the 1980s.

It is a period that has left fond memories for many people who are now 50 years of age or older and who feel a sense of nostalgia for those beautiful years.

The 70s and 80s saw the emergence of computers and technologies that are now part of our daily life. For video game enthusiasts, it is known as the time when the first games such as Pong, Asteroids or Space Invaders were born.

Of course, at that time game consoles did not yet exist and the first games were only available on large machines gathered in arcades. This is well explained in the first episodes of the Netflix documentary High Score.

A vintage arcade machine is a machine that refers to the period from the 70s to the 80s, or even the early 90s.
It doesn't matter whether the cabinet was made nowadays or forty years ago, an arcade machine is said to be vintage if it respects the design in those years.

This design is characterized by materials and specific colors of the time, angular or very rounded shapes and particular dimensions of the type 175 x 75 x 80cm (height width depth) mainly due to the size of the cathode ray screens.
An arcade machine that matches all or part of these specifications belongs to the category of vintage arcade machines almost by default.


A classic arcade machine allows you to play one or more classic games. The greatest classic being of course the Pacman game. It is not the first video game in the world but it is the game that equipped the Pacman terminals which are the first to have achieved commercial success.

A retro arcade terminal, just like a vintage cabinet, looks like an authentic classic terminal but is not equipped with a thick screen or a central unit from the 80s.

On a retro arcade machine, you would expect to find all the most popular classic games like Metal Slug, Street-Fighter or Outrun, but we can go further and integrate much more recent games and thus play the latest online games online such as Cyberpunk 2077.

An arcade machine is necessarily retro, classic and vintage at the same time if its exterior appearance is similar to the arcade machines from back in the days.
This is true even if its components are of the latest generation, as is the case for arcadream ® terminals which feature powerfull microprocessors and graphics cards.

In common language, it is said of a modern arcade machine that it has a "retro" look if it is in the effigy of an 80s cartoon, even if this one has never been adapted into a video game.

 Captain Flam Vintage Arcade Machine
Example of an ultra modern arcade machine with a retro look bearing the image of Captain Flam, cult animated series of the 80s (first episode broadcast in 1978).


Fans of classic arcade machines like to personalize their terminals with stickers of Grendizer, Pacman or Mario.
Customization of arcadream slim ® kiosk on the theme of Street-Fighter: STREET-FIGHTER ARCADREAM SLIM ARCADE MACHINE

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