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Your own multi-game arcade machine in your living-room.


Vintage arcade game machines are more trendy than ever. Just check out the popularity of Netflix latest documentary High Score which relates the creation of the first video games. Talk to anyone about Space Invaders, Atari, Mario or Nintendo and you'll find out that you are not the only one fancying retro games.

If you were in your twenties in the eighties, then you must have spent loads of money in arcade game machines. Probably until your last penny. Now, you have a chance to own your machine and play as much as you want in the comfort of you own house.

Nowadays, you can play all the games that you enjoyed back in the days. You can have them all on one single machine. This is referred to as a multi-game arcade machine. Dreams do come true.

If you've got spare space, you can even go crazy on your arcade room and add a couple of pinball machines to your arcade game machines.


You're looking into organizing an office party, a one-off event or a wedding ? You can rent a couple of arcade game machines and make everyone happy. The event may not last for days but memories of good fun will last for ever.

There are two main types of arcade machines that you can rent. The first one is the "straight up" machine. It is the most popular as it really feels the same as the authentic ones from 1980 (Pong, Pacman, Asteroids...).

The other popular type of arcade machines are the "bartops" which also allows to play multiple games. On top of that, they are much easier to move around which is something to keep in mind when organizing an event.

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To keep you waiting until you own a multiple games machine, we have put together a list of popular games that you can test right here : Play old school video games online for free.

Our small selection includes the biggest names in the world of retrogaming : Sonic, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pacman, Mario Kart or even Out Run !!

Fun facts - Stuff you may not know about old school video games

The first coin operated arcade machine is Galaxy Game. Installed at Stanford University, the manufacture of this machine cost $ 20,000 in 1971.

The Pong arcade machine was released in 1972 and quickly became a commercial success thanks to the coin mechanism invented for Galaxy Game, which has since become a classic of retro games.

In the 80s, the Pacman gaming machines were produced in more than 350,000 copies and accumulated more than 2 billion dollars of income !! Pacman is now the most famous vintage game in the world.

In the 1970s, more than fifteen companies started manufacturing arcade machines, notably Space Invaders (1978) and Asteroids (1979).

Sonic's first appearance was in the arcade in 1991, shortly before the release of the first Sonic game on Megadrive, in Rad Mobile a radical car racing game in which Sonic, in the form of a keychain air freshener, hung from the rearview mirror!

Mario Kart: The eight original characters from Nintendo's flagship video game are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Koopa, Yoshi, Toad, Bowser and Donkey Kong Junior then Donkey Kong Junior has been replaced by Donkey Kong from Mario Kart 64 version. By compiling all versions of Mario games, there are more than 50 different characters in all !!

A game of Flappy Bird rarely lasts more than a minute and often ends by swinging its mobile on the ground. The popularity of this game has led to a significant increase in purchases of replacement smartphones.
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